The Medicine Buddha

A few years ago, I saw a painting of the Medicine Buddha. I didn’t know anything about this Buddha, but the deep blue color of his skin drew me in to the image. This deep lapis lazuli color, almost electric blue, struck me as very similar to Yves Klein Blue which has the same mesmerizing effect. Artist Yves Klein who created monochromatic pieces in International Klein Blue said his goal was “to feel the soul without explaining it, without vocabulary, and to represent this sensation.”

My father was ill for some years until his death in 2009, and during that time I found the Medicine Buddha’s image, particularly his blue color, very calming. I chanted the Medicine Buddha mantra often, and gazed at his image to calm myself and to wish well-being for my dad.

“The practice of Medicine Buddha, the Supreme Healer, is not only a very powerful method for healing and increasing healing powers both for oneself and others, but also for overcoming the inner sickness of attachment, hatred, and ignorance. To meditate on the Medicine Buddha can help decrease physical and mental illness and suffering. The Medicine Buddha mantra is held to be extremely powerful for healing of physical illnesses and purification of negative karma.

One form of practice based on the Medicine Buddha is done when one is stricken by disease. The patient is to recite the long Medicine Buddha mantra 108 times over a glass of water. The water is now believed to be blessed by the power of the mantra and the blessing of the Medicine Buddha himself, and the patient is to drink the water. This practice is then repeated each day until the illness is cured.”


Re 49 by Yves Klein


The Medicine Buddha

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