Staying present and engaged.

At this time when political developments in the US are causing much anxiety, fear, and stress, I stay grounded by taking action, and by following teachers and public figures who encourage non-violent activism for human rights and climate justice.

I recommend checking out Ethan Nichtern’s 7 point plan for engaged mindfulness in 2017. The first step is “be stubborn about taking care of your body!”
But don’t stop there, read the rest.

Also, check out:
Pod Save America
Rebecca Solnit on Facebook
Ezra Klein/, plus his podcast “The Weeds”

I’ll keep adding to this list. Feel free to comment and let me know about other teachers and activist organizations you find inspiring.

3 thoughts on “Staying present and engaged.

  1. Hi Tamar,

    I would love to recommend and specifically a podcast called The Weeds with Ezra Klein. He does a fantastic job of explaining policies in depth (hence the name, in The Weeds). He has helped shape my understanding of how the new administration is tearing down our democracy.

    I also wanted to recommend Pod Save America. It is by two former Obama staffers, and they not only explain the issues, but also tell listeners exactly how to get involved and fight.

    I recommend you listen before recommending on your site, but I wanted to send these over for your thoughts.

    Take care, and see you soon.

    Warm regards, Sierra


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