Thank you for being a human willing to talk out loud about experience. Yours. And thank you, in this way, for being a timeless teacher. JR

Thank you so much for your inspiring self! You have taught me to slow down and explore my body/self. To see how it moves and balances. How things click into place and work as one. My mind and practice have vastly improved because of it. Thank you for your beautiful voice, that I enjoy listening to. Your attention to detail. Your steadfastness. BF

I am SO grateful that you made the [class] recording for us – I did it last night at home…having your voice lead me through all the poses was wonderful, so a BIG thank you for the gift! HZ

I just wanted to write and say thank you for such a lovely class this afternoon. I had been looking forward to coming to your class since I saw you on the schedule earlier in the week. It was really touching and comforting to walk in late and feel a safe and nurturing atmosphere made possible by your presence. Hope I get to come back to your class soon! HF

I was very happy to have had the opportunity to visit some of your classes in Berlin. I very much appreciated your kind nature and warm energy! SR

Your blog inspired several people to start a yoga practice and eat less meat. Thank you again for sharing! CC

Thank you for class and for the grounded comfort you extend from yourself. CBM

I loved every minute of our session today. It is an indulgence and a treat not only to have a private yoga session but also to spend an hour with you! Thank you! AB

There are only very very few teachers who give me a real deep yogic experience in class, and you are certainly one of them! your breath count is amazing, your assists also, and the clarity and calmness with which you teach gives so much space to really experience the flow of prana and breath and all the energetics. and that makes it really deep. your classes are so effective, i mean, they really do something, it’s not just the city vibe in asana shape but it’s a profound experience – i think because you give the space for each person to engage consciously with the proposed structure. so lovely!!! NH

Your poise and steadiness are such an inspiration! JA

Thank you so much – for being such a beautiful person that you care enough to help others. That is a rare gift that you have. You are truly paying it forward. DL

I wanted to share with you how thankful I am for your teachings. My practice gives me such confidence, strengh and peace. SG

I thank you for your physical and mental support when I’m with you as well as your teachings that stay with me. WG

I’ve learned so much from you over the past several weeks. Your care, attention, and example have helped and inspired me in so many ways. I’m so grateful our paths crossed. Thank you so very much for everything. LK

I enjoyed every moment of both workshops, you are a wonderful teacher and a very special person. Still feeling exceptionally open and relaxed from the restorative. Honi Rosen, Director, Israeli Yoga Teachers Association

I have a special connection with the way you teach. Reinforces Peace within!! :) this is the main goal for me and to practice Selfless state of mind!! In your class I connect with this Truth!! Thank you for sharing your wisdom it really makes a big difference. LTP

It was very nice to meet you and take your back bending adjustment workshop. I learned a lot and it gave me more confidence in my teaching. V.

You are really special. Thank you for sharing your devotion and love with all of us. Om. Lesley Desaulniers, Founder, The Authenticity Project

Thank you for class today. It was so nice to be under your steady and warm guidance. MJ

Thank you for supporting my work, being my friend, but more importantly for being a teacher. Love. Colin Beavan, aka No Impact Man

Thank you for encouraging me. You have inspired me with your love of animals and people. You are truly remarkable. DM

You were the one to teach me to live with intention, and feel greater connectivity to my surroundings… Rebecca

Your voice is hypnotic! Robert

Thank you so very much for your class today and for your incredible force throughout the year. I am very very grateful to have you as a teacher. Kate

I hope I can thank you properly in person — don’t know what I would’ve done without your guidance & sattvic example. You’re such an amazing teacher — thank you for teaching! thank you for being in my life! JE

You are so there with your sadhana and devotion. Your love for, and level of dedication to, the sacred teachings and our divine lineage, and your openness to the transformation within, has always been a joy to behold. DE

Endless gratitude to you for your radiant presence. RM

Every class with you is a gift. KB

You are a wonderful gift in my life, thank you for being such an amazing teacher……you have helped me grow so much this year……… BK

Your class is subtle and precise…sooo good. Thank you. Andrea

What a wonderful class! It’s an honor to practice with you. Thank you for teaching. Samantha

You are so full of wisdom, love & peace. Thank you for sharing it in your life. EB

Today’s class was special to me. It was the first time I got up into headstand in the middle of the room! Thank you. Ana

I took your class on Saturday a few weeks ago, and I wanted to let you know how much your class and my practice has been helping me get through a very difficult time. If I hadn’t been practicing yoga in these past 3 weeks, I know I wouldn’t have been able to deal with things as calmly as I have been. Thank you. Stefanie

Thank you again for the amazing workshop on Saturday. The whole thing was so beautiful. YOU are so beautiful!!! xoxoxoxox. JJ

Thank u again for such beautiful class tonight. You are the most wonderful teacher! I am blessed to have you as my friend. Caroline

Thank you for a great inversion workshop. I’ve got a lot of fear when it comes to inversions which is holding me back. I’m chipping away little by little and your class definitely helped. W

Your class tonight was like a lullaby. Thank you. Alice

I came here tonight especially for you. I love your class!

Thank you so much! The class was perfect. Jasmine

Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the class in the park today. It was really wonderful.  Thanks so much for a lovely morning! Bella

Your assists were so amazing & helpful! Thank you. Hope

Your class was unbelievable – I don’t know what you did, but I feel great! Mindy

I have been practicing yoga for a while, but you are the first teacher who empowered me to come into a headstand, without hesitation. It felt so good! Sim

This was the best yoga practice I have ever had! John

We have only been practicing for 3 months and we learned so much from your class today. Thank you for all your help. Your physical & verbal assists were very instructive! Nikki

I look forward to your class every Tuesday night at the gym. It’s my favorite thing. It feels like a religious experience. I’ve told all my friends about it. Ariella

You are truly amazing at what you do. I still feel deeply, deeply moved and clear-headed. My energies are balanced out and in the right place…I really can’t thank you enough. Much love. Georgiya.

Tamar, I really want to thank you for all your teaching and guidance. You are a wonderful teacher and I enjoy your class a lot. You give me a lot of insight and thought about life in general. Every week I look forward to your class because the strength that I build up during the class help me overcome my stress and many other things. Again thank you very much and happy holiday! Christine

I’d never done a headstand before, but you explained how to get into it so clearly that I just got up there. Thank you. A.

You have a very healing touch. Hannah

Your presence makes others feel peaceful. You should know that. India

I love your classes. You were born to do this! Helen

Thanks for taking such great care of me Tamar.I’m still laughing about you not letting me rest. Thanks also for spotting me during the standing poses and thanks just for being you. You make me love yoga!!!! NL

I wanted to tell you, I was so inspired by your article yesterday that I found a studio near my new apartment in Madison, WI and went to a class today. And it was wonderful. And I will go back… thank you. Cheers. Sue

Thank you so much!  You will always be my first yoga teacher and hold a special place in my heart–and my practice. Kaylene

I loved your class today. I felt good in the flow, I liked your flow speed, breathing cues, and attention to students seemed to be right on (as in very helpful for each student with where they could use it). Great stuff. Thanks. K.

Cannot tell you the gift that you are to me, and to many, I’m sure …in oh so many ways!  I’m so grateful. Jean

Having you in my life is discovering a piece of the world of which I had been oblivious and without which the picture of a sane and meaningful creation would be incomplete. Y

You are the divine incarnation of karma yoga in action. You are love, light and connectedness. With sattvic grace you are blessed to share and we to have felt your healing presence. Thank you Tamarji, for being so available and selfless. So much love emanates from your dedication to the practice and teachings on your remarkable sadhana. Thank you for being so thoughtful, creative and wise. Always thinking with positive intention and quick to reach out to all that need. With love and equanimity. David Eber, Founder Samtosa Clothing

You are a true Jivanmukta.. and a beacon of light INSPIRE authenticity and coherence in us.. with the sweetest touch, most compassionate words and humble knowingness.. you show us how this is a spiritual practice..of not just self liberation..but of being a higher ‘self’…  you ARE what all great teachers should be.. and I am forever your humble pupil who knows how lucky she is to have met you. Thank you Tamarji..Tata

What a wonderful poem to start my day with! I also want to thank you for being such a wonderful teacher, your classes leave me enlightened. Thank you. Julia

Your example is a shining star. Love. Denny

Thank you for your beautiful thoughts. You reminded me of things I value. See you soon. Jai! Audrey

After practicing with you, my body is completely pain free. It’s amazing! V. (practitioner with osteoarthritis)

Thanks so much for answering all my questions today. I had such a good class with you. I really feel like I can move forward in my yoga practice in a more informed way now. Thanks so much, again, for all your wisdom. M, private student.

I really enjoyed the basic class on Saturday. It changed my Chaturanga Dandasana. I am sure it has a lot of work and there is always improvement but I feel that I made a positive adjustment. –MK

You are a deeply thoughtful and caring person–that’s a wonderful quality for a yoga teacher to have! Sending great love and joy to you. May you have many opportunities to shine your light upon the lives of others! Sharon Gannon, Co-Founder, Jivamukti Yoga

I really liked your story about how you became a yogi. It was personal and nice to hear it! I miss your spiritual classes! DP


4 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. What a delightful class! Thank you Tamar for a truly invigorating experience. You are a special teacher. I look forward to many more classes with you.

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