Costa Rica Retreat

Cloud Forest Retreat, Costa Rica | March 16-22, 2019

Rio Chirripó Lodge is a beautiful retreat center in the Costa Rican Chirripó mountains, surrounded by lush green cloud forest and located right on the bubbling Chirripó river. It’s a place of deep peace and quiet, where you can slow down and immerse yourself in yoga and meditation practice, relaxation, hiking, or just being.

After breakfast, you can adventure out and explore any of the many nearby hikes, or you can chill out in a hammock, read a book, hang out in the hot tub, swim in the pool, or dip in the Chirripó river. After dinner, you can soak in the outdoor hot tub, observe the stars, and listen to the frogs sing. There is a communal fireplace where we can make music and chat. Some cute animals often pass by (such as opossum, agouti, or some colorful birds).

We will take you on at least one breathtaking group hike up to the mountains, where the clouds will pass through your hair, while the turkey vultures float gracefully above.

Due to the unique boutique location, this retreat is limited to a small number of participants, so early booking is highly recommended.

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Includes accommodation, 3 vegan meals a day, and 2 daily yoga classes. Not included: international air fare (fly to San José), shared taxi transfer to the lodge (about $50 one way, depending on amount of people sharing the van), and tipping. We recommend arriving in San José Saturday around noon. Departure to San José will be Friday early morning before or after breakfast, unless you are staying in Costa Rica. We recommend a weekend at the beach following the retreat. Nearby notable beaches: Uvita, Dominical, Manuel Antonio.

7-9 morning practice (meditation, asana)
9 breakfast
1 lunch
3:30-5 afternoon practice (restorative, pranayama, thematic workshops)
6:30 dinner

Email Nora:

“You create a beautiful atmosphere, makes it easy to be our best. Thank you for everything you do and giving so much of yourselves.”

“The most important thing I learned on retreat with @nora_tamar wasn’t #ekapadakoundinyasana or how much core strength it takes to climb a mountain or the healing effects of the #didgeridoo and #viloma #pranayama—it was to #slowdown. Slow asana, slow and mindful walks, slow meals prepared with #vegan love and sunshine, slow hours passed with reflection and meaningful conversation with friends about #sustainability and how we can live with more intention and less stuff. May 2018 be the slowest year yet!”

“An essential part of my healing came from reestablishing synchronicity between my body and food, thanks to the deliciously fresh and flavorful all-vegan meals the small staff prepared for us each day. In the warm mountain air, after having practiced asana or hiked or just lounged about for a few hours in a hammock next to a roaring river, everything tasted more vibrant—more loved.”